NYE Sesh To Hold Minute Silence To Remember Small Boxes Of Rolling Tobacco

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Sesehes all over Britain are set to hold a minutes silence in remembrance of small boxes of rolling tobacco on New Year’s Eve.

The sesh friendly small boxes of rolling tobacco were surprisingly banned by the government earlier this year in a bizarre attempt to try and encourage people to smoke more tobacco.

“I’ve been totally gutted ever since they got rid of the small boxes of bacy,” claimed twenty one year old sesh advocate Ian Jasper. “Twelve and a half gram pouches of Amber Leaf were my first love and to have them ripped from my arms like that, for no apparent reason, is really hard to get my head around. Why did the government have to do this to me? Why?”

Sesh heads have been holding candlelit vigils all over the country since the small boxes and pouches were taken out of circulation and are calling on “everyone who loves a rollie” to join them in their minute’s silence.

Stephen “Madser” Jenkins, president of the National Sesh Association, or the N.S.A., spoke to Wunderground earlier, “It’s been a rough couple of months for sesh heads so we decided to wait until everyone has come to terms with the reality of what has happened before we take a moment to remember the small boxes of rolling tobacco.”

“It’s been a tough transitional period for our members, who are having to learn how to carry a thirty-gram pouch and reassess their weekly sesh budget,” continued Madser. “Thankfully, most of us have pulled through and are starting to come to terms with this tragedy and by, having a minute’s silence this weekend, we can now get some much-needed closure and get on with our lives.”

The minutes silence will take place this New Year’s Eve at 11:59, people are encouraged to take the time to make a rollie which will then be smoked once the minute is over.