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In an attempt to soften his reputation ahead of the quickly approaching Australian festival season, Late Nite Tuff Guy has revealed that he is actually really nice during the day.

Speaking exclusively to Wunderground, the DJ claimed that his reputation as “a bit of a bad boy” precedes him even though, between six in the morning and nine thirty at night, it is completely untrue.

“I’ve always been a bit of a scrapper,” he told us earlier. “I used to be really proud of the fact that I was hard as nails but now, the older I get, the more chilled out I’m becoming. I want people to know that, even though I’ll batter you at night, I’m actually really nice during the day.”

Late Nite Tuff Guy is due to play at Beyond The Valley festival, which takes place between 28 December and 1 January in Lardner Park, Victoria, and is worried that people will feel like they are unable to approach him if they see him during the day.

“Honestly, if you see me during the day at Beyond The Valley just come over and say hello,” continued Mr Tuff Guy. “I’ll probably buy you a drink or tell you a few jokes or something totally friendly and cool like that. That’s just the way I am, during the day. You’re defo best off avoiding me at night though, once that sun goes down I’m basically a Gremlin who’s been fed after midnight.”

“I can’t help myself but I’m really hoping to phase the whole Late Nite Tuff Guy thing out over the next few years. Someday, I might even be known as The Nice Guy,” he explained “I’ve never been totally committed to being a hardass anyway. My real name is Carmelo for fuck sake. How could anyone with a name so delicious be a proper bogan?”

Fellow Beyond The Valley headliner Schoolboy Q has claimed that Late Nite Tuff Guy better not try and cause any trouble in the backstage area or he will have some “actual tough guys” to deal with.

“I’ve been chatting with my man Stormzy and we’ve decided that we’re taking a ‘zero shit policy’ with this Tuff Guy fella,” he told us. “If he tries throwing his weight around the backstage area I’m gonna teach him some schoolboy lessons, you get me? He’ll be picking my size tens out of his ass for the next month.”

If you would like to party with Late Nite Tuff Guy during the day, or even feel his wrath at night, at Beyond The Valley festival, click here for more information and tickets.

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