Denis Sulta Drops “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” During Latest Set

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Glasgow’s finest export since battered Mars Bars, Denis Sulta, has reportedly dropped the ultimate old school classic, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, during his latest set.

According to reports, the “crowd totally went off” after the DJ played the Christmas banger with witnesses claiming there was “mulled wine and mince pies flying everywhere”.

Wunderground spoke to one clubber who wished to remain anonymous, “I honestly don’t think there’s a track that Sulta can’t get away with playing at the moment,” he told us. “You get to a point where all you have to do is play the first three seconds of a track and if people think they know it, you’ve got them eating out of the plam of your hand. Denis is definitely there right now.”

“I’ve never realised how much of a stomper that Oh Come All Ye Faithful track is,” claimed the twenty three year old clubber. “Usually, when I hear it, it’s being played on Songs of Praise or some weird god type of shit and it just seems a bit crap but when you hear a DJ playing it out, you realise that it’s actually a complete weapon.”

“It’s funny, there’s loads of songs that I thought were total pants, the type of stuff old lads, who are like in their 30s, would listen to,” continued our source. “But then, someone who’s really cool and hip like Denis Sulta comes along and smashes them out in a club and reminds everyone that they’re not shit, they’re fucking banging.”

“It’s really refreshing for people like me to know that we can depend on DJs to keep us informed and up to date about what is and isn’t cool these days,” he continued. “I honestly don’t think I’d even know what type of music I’m into if it wasn’t for DJs and, more importantly, videos of DJs that people have taken on their phones, showing me what I should like.”

According to experts, we are about to see a surge in popularity of Country & Western classics in the clubbing industry after a number of high profile DJs signed an agreement with Garth Brooks that will see them drop one of his tracks during all of their sets for the next six months.

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