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  • Are you a DJ or Producer that would like to see a significant increase in your online hype?
  • Do you have social media accounts that you wish performed better?
  • Would you like to see huge jumps in your fan numbers across all platforms?
  • Would you like to be posting the type of content that gets massive engagement?
  • Would you like to do most of your social media in a single day and spend the rest of the month seeing the massive results?
  • Would you like your social media accounts to rival the biggest artists in the business?
  • Would you like to have a really strong Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Youtube presence and see significantly higher plays on your mixes or releases online?
  • Would you like to see really impressive results when sponsoring posts on Facebook or Instagram, even when only spending small amounts of money?
  • Would you like to be able to network and get support from a group of hundreds of like-minded DJs and producers, all on the same mission and undergoing the same program as you?
  • Would you like to be able to immediately network and create relationships with people in dance music who could help you take your career to the next level?
  • Are you ready to take your artist profile up a notch and undergo a complete growth transformation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our Transformation Formula is what you need.


Transform is a 15 week elite DJ & Producer online transformation program, with a full day intensive conference in the Ace Hotel London on July 5th.

Also useful for promoters, label owners, club owners or anybody with something to promote online within the electronic music community. Over an intensive 15 weeks, you’ll overhaul all of your online platforms, put in place an online artist strategy that lasts into 2019, learn how to rapidly put all of your social media and music platforms on steroids, and bring your online presence into a level that’s ahead of 99% of the other acts out there. This will open doors for you with bigger clubs, labels, events and press, all while growing your audience and fan-base bigger and bigger, every single day from June onwards.

Full Day Conference – Ace Hotel, Shoreditch London

  • Full Day Intensive DJ/Producer Transformation Workshop – 10am to 6pm
  • Exclusive Training Seminars From The Best Experts In The Industry
  • Networking Workshops With A Focus On People Who Can Assist Your Transformation And Vice-Versa

The Experts

Mikey Mooguire – Founder, The Daily Moo

Mikey Mooguire is an online publisher, social media strategist, marketing enthusiast and music nut. Otherwise known as the creator of Wunderground, co-owner of Ibiza Club News and chief messer at TheDailyMoo, with a combined social media following of over 1.5 million fans across all platforms and with over 3 million unique readers per month to his websites.

Mikey also advises and curates publicity and press stunts and handles social media for some of the biggest names in dance music, from Claptone to Pure Carl Cox.

Clubs such as Amnesia, Pacha, Hï Ibiza, Ushuaia, Sankeys, Privilege and Ministry Of Sound are all clients he works with, likewise for festivals such as Time Warp, Ultra, We Are FSTVL, Creamfields, Sonus and hundreds more.

At the end of 2017, Mikey began sharing his knowledge with DJs & Producers via TheDailyMoo. All of the course modules are written and presented by Mikey, drawing from him 13 years experience in the industry.

Xanthe Fuller – Marketing Manager, Mixcloud

Xanthe is marketing manager over at Mixcloud, and aside from being a massive wealth of knowledge on how to put out mixes that get listens and plays, she will work with you personally on a 1-on-1 basis after the course to help you smash your Mixcloud account into the next level. We have acts hitting #1 in charts all across Mixcloud in week one after liaising with Xanthe. Oh, and you also get a free 1-year pro Mixcloud account worth £99 when you sign up to Transform! 

Alex Parsons – Marketing Manager, Fabric London 

Alex is the marketing manager at the world-renowned  Fabric London and will be talking to us about promoting yourself as an artist and also how to promote events. Alex has a second area of expertise, as he was a vital part of the Mr. Afterparty social brand before moving to Fabric, and was present during the massive growth they experienced in recent years. He’ll be talking to us about getting your videos in peoples newsfeeds and rapid Facebook growth.

Andy Lambert – Founder, Content Cal Social Media Planner

Andy co-founded Content Cal, the company behind the software you’ll use to plan your monthly social media content. Content Cal allows you to plan and schedule content and posts across all your social network platforms in advance, leaving you to concentrate on the music each month. Andy will talk you through the software you’ll be using and has kindly given each participant 6 months free use of the platform.

Pete Downes – Head Of Artist & Label Promo, Jukebox PR

Jukebox PR handles press and publicity for hundreds of the worlds biggest artists and festivals, everybody from Solomun to BPM Festival to Carl Cox to Resistance. They handle every festival, brand, artist or club you care to mention. Pete is head of artist and label promo and will be talking about the strategies he uses to gain press and publicity for his artists and labels everywhere, from the worlds biggest publications to smaller niche music blogs.

15 Week Intensive Online Training Program

Prepare To Transform

  • Goal Setting Workshop – Aiming For A Transformation & The Important Things You Need To Achieve
  • Taking Inventory Of Current Assets, Strengths & Networks
  • Strategy Workshop One – Putting In Place Your First Customised 15 Week Strategy

Content Masterclass

  • What Kind Of Content Should You Create, Post & Share?
  • Where To Find Great Content To Share Before Anybody Else?
  • Case Studies: Looking At The World’s Top Acts In Each Genre And What Content Performs Best
  • 97 Times DJ’s, Producers, Labels & Events Excelled On Social Media
  • How To Create Custom Professional Engaging Images & Viral Videos Without Any Design Skills

Planning & Strategy

  • Planning & Strategising Like The Biggest Acts & Events In The World
  • Planning Your Full Online Month In Advance, In A Few Hours, With Little Effort
  • Scheduling 90% Of Your Posts In Advance, Leaving You Running On Auto-Pilot And Leaving Your Free Time Free
  • Press Kit Workshop

10K New Followers A Month

  • 101 Social Media Growth Strategies To Create A Massive Community Around Your Music
  • The Influencer Strategy Several Acts Have Used To Go From Zero To Festival Headliner In The Last 3 Years
  • The Automated Social Media Growth Tools You Can Use To Rocket Your Artist Socials
  • How To Gain Hundreds Of Real Genuine Instagram Followers EVERY DAY (That Are Fans Of Your Music)
  • Gain A Thousand+ Targeted Soundcloud Followers A Month.. Who All Like Your Music
  • How To Get Real Twitter Followers Who Listen To Acts Like You (While You Sleep)

Become A Sponsored Post Ninja – The Most Effective Facebook Tricks 99.9% Of Acts Don’t Know Exist

  • Your Hidden Fanbase You Don’t Even Know About
  • 9 Ninja DJ/Artist Targeting Strategies
  • Instagram Growth 101


  • Find The Correct Name & Direct Email For Every Club Owner, Promoter, Label Boss, Booker Etc. In Under 30 Seconds
  • How To Begin A Relationship In Under 7 Days With Anybody In The Industry No Matter How Big
  • 19 Tips & Strategies For Successful Networking In Dance Music
  • How To Get Other Artists, Press, Influencers & Communities To Promote You
  • How To Pitch Promoters & Festivals To Book You (In Ways That Work)

Platforms – Ideal Setup, Video Walkthrough, Best Practises & Secret Tips For Success

  • Being A DJ Or Producer On Facebook
  • Being A DJ Or Producer On Twitter
  • Being A DJ Or Producer On Instagram
  • Being A DJ Or Producer On Snapchat
  • Being A DJ Or Producer On YouTube

Music Platforms

  • Mastering Mixcloud & Racking Up Massive Results Quickly
  • Using Soundcloud Successfully in 2018 For DJ’s Or Producers
  • Master Live Streaming & See Huge Results
  • How To Reach 100,000 People With Your Facebook Live Stream With No Spend
  • How To Win At Beatport – Aiming For A Beatport Number 1 & Other Tricks
  • How To Be A Spotify Boss – Taking Your Spotify To The Next Level
  • Creating A Massive YouTube Channel As A Platform For Your Music

Your Transformation Formula

  • Your Transformation Formula
  • Your Transformation Checklist – Preparing To Jump

Exit Strategy

  • Taking Stock – Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Strategy Workshop Two – Putting In Place Your Customised Follow-On Personal 12 Month Strategy
  • Graduation Week

Included In The Price

  • 15 Weeks Training
  • 1 Day Training Conference in London
  • 1 Year Free PRO Mixcloud
  • 6 Month Free Content Cal
  • Artist Goodie Pack At Event Worth Over €1000
  • Bonus – Ticket To the Artist Transformation Summit in Fabric on Aug 16th

Some Screenshots From The Group This Month

12 Month Money Back Guarantee 

What we are looking for here is a transformation, so we are offering a full money back guarantee on this course. If you come to the conference and spend the day learning and putting your strategy in place, and then go away and execute the 15-week program and don’t see significant results, we’ll refund your payment in full. You can come back to us anytime in the 12 months after the course ends and claim this if you are not satisfied.

Fabric London Aug 16th

As a bonus to anybody that signs up between July 1st and 4th, you’ll also get a ticket to the Artist Transformation Summit in Fabric on Aug 16th.

Secure Your Place Now!

The cost of the program is £795 (or just £495 if you buy now during our current flash sale. Saving £300!) You can pay in one lump sum, or you can pay half now and a half at the start of August. Both options are below:



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  1. Some testimonials from recent Daily Moo training….

    Ben Santiago – Cream Ibiza Resident for 15 Years | Glitterbox @ Hi Ibiza | Runs the famous Melon Bomb nights in Ibiza.

    How’ve you found the breakthrough course? –
    Very very good. I had high expectations to be honest because it sounded very good on paper. It’s actually exceeded my expectations. Something I needed to do and something i was very keen to learn about. I feel like i’ll leave here now armed and dangerous

    Are you excited to put this to use? –
    I’m looking forward to progressing yeah. I’m looking forward to putting it to use and seeing the results I’m pretty confident of seeing results because what he has taught us has been phenomenal.

    What do you think this will do for you as an artist? –
    This will make me better at social media. Social media was something i’ve always struggled with I had my issues with it. It’s such a big part of what we do and it can actually make or break people. Its gonna fill a gap that needed filling

    How’ve you found networking with the other participants? –
    I can’t remember the last time i was in a group of 15 other DJs. It’s nice, everyone chatting and there’s been a few moments where I’ve thought this is good to spend time with other djs with common interests, sharing tracks and it’s been really good something I should do more often.

    Mikey Duncan – A&R Glasgow Underground | Pure Carl Cox & Space Ibiza

    “It’s been absolutely unbelievable. I didn’t really know what to expect coming over here but it’s just blown my mind some of the stuff we’ve learned. Unbelievable. Now I know exactly what I need to do I’m so focused on what needs to happen now. The reach I’m gonna have over my social platforms is gonna be limitless. As much effort as I wanna put into it that’s how much its gonna grow.”

    GRIFF – Do Not Sleep Ibiza | Most recent EP on Doorly’s Reptile Dysfunction Label with Idris Elba

    “(It’s been) really good… yeah it’s been everything I’ve thought and a LOT-LOT more! I was surprised by the amount of info we’ve been shown and what we’re gonna do is great, I’m very excited about it! I can’t wait (to get started)! I’m actually buzzin! I wanna start right now, I’m looking forward to getting home and getting working on it! I think it’ll propel my career in the right direction. Before, I wasn’t sure on what to do in specific areas of my DJ profile. Now I know I have a clear route ahead of me! I’ve learned lots of little tips I would never have thought of. Stuff I need to know, which I should know, which Artists, DJs and Producers should know.”

    BUCK – Ibiza resident, several clubs

    “I’ve learned massive amounts already and we’re not even halfway through (the weekend) yet so looking forward to the rest of the course. I’ve learned a lot more than I thought I was gonna learn! It’s unbelievable some of the tips and tricks we’ve found out so far! All the guys have been really helpful and I’m excited to go forward in the next six months and take my career to the next level!”

    “It’ll help me take my career to the next level with the production work and getting my brand more established than it has been. Helping me create a new audience getting new fans and getting people engaging with me. It’s nice to get together with a bunch of people who all share the same ideas or have the same passion to bounce ideas back and forward from each other. It’s not often you get a group of people like this all together at once and it’s nice to get to speak with DJs from different cities and just see what other people are into and where they’re at with their careers.”

    VITO (Dom Townsend) – Pure Carl Cox Ibiza, Space Ibiza, Mansion Liverpool

    “It’s been absolutely amazing, mind blowing! Learned a lot more than I thought I would. Just stuff that has been made clear to us now that makes perfect sense! I can’t wait to get home and start! This will boost my career as a whole. If I can put it all into practice and make it work it should put me on the right track of where I wanna be. I’ve found it really easy to network with so many likeminded people.”

    Carly Carmen | Sankeys Ibiza | Cuckoo Land @ Ibiza Rocks

    “It’s been amazing. The content has been really good and just all the material that we’re gonna have by the end of it and then also networking with everyone it’s just been amazing. I don’t really wanna go home, to be honest. I’ve learned so many key skills that I’m gonna need to get my music out there as well as stuff to push myself as a DJ as well. It’s gonna help me breakthrough obviously. It’ll help me promote myself and my music and help me become a better DJ and producer. Everyone has been brilliant. It’s been really nice getting to know everyone.”

    Rondevu | Sankeys Ibiza

    I’ve found the program very helpful and useful… I’ve learned a lot! Loads of nice little tricks i would’ve never picked up by myself. This will take me to the next level as long as I put in the work

    GRIMM | Kahuna Festival, Absolute Deep

    How’ve you found the breakthrough course? –

    Absolutely brilliant! Far more info than I thought I was gonna get. There’s a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have considered with approaching labels and the smart techniques we were taught. Stuff in relation to promo so I can apply to my festival Kahuna, Absolute Deep, Myself and my label, T.H.D. Cutz, it’s just the little stuff that makes a big difference and I’m very grateful I’ve been picked for the course.

    Have you learned much? –
    So much. There’s stuff I wouldn’t think comes into play and Mikeys just a fuckin’ genius.

    Are you excited to put this to use? –
    Can’t wait. First thing tomorrow, gonna be on the ball putting promos out. Learned the things not to do and things to do better when dealing with labels and waiting for the right opportunity rather than rushing into something.

    What do you think this will do for you as an artist? –
    It’ll help my brand loads when it comes to the marketing side of it. My reach is gonna go so much further. There’ll be better connections all around the board.

    How’ve you found networking with the other participants? –
    It’s easy… they’re all from the UK and I’ve already organised gigs to go over to the UK and Scotland just from this course.

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