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It says it above but I’ll say it again. Welcome! To my stupid cow-themed blog. Don’t worry, it’s not really a cow themed blog. You won’t be force-fed pictures of me hanging out with cows, milking them for a laugh or riding them to victory in the local cow derby. You probably won’t even see any pictures of me hanging out with them in the pub, and believe me, I’ve hung out with some right cows down the pub.

This blog is all about marketing, social media and content creation, mostly themed around the electronic music industry to start, but who knows where we will end up?

So why read it? Over here at The Daily Moo HQ we run several publishing bodies such as Wunderground and Ibiza Club News, and more on the way.

We are constantly testing new things. New ways to launch an event, new ways to get traffic to a website, new ways to go viral. Cos I’m shite at keeping secrets and deep down all I’m seeking in life is validation from my peers (so my team of phycologists tell me) I’ll be sharing all of these things on here from now on, as well as going over the stuff we have already done. All of our little experiments, broken down into what worked, what didn’t work, and exactly how we did it.

You can then use these tricks in your own business, or for yourself as an artist, or a promoter, or whatever the fuck you do!

Things I’ll be covering over the coming weeks

  • How We Drove Over A Million Visitors To Our Website In Under 24 Hours Without Spending A Penny (and how you can too)
  • How I Got An Over-14’s Disco Banned Before It Even Opened (I Was Only 15 Myself… So Go Easy!)
  • 9 Things We Always Do To Give Our Posts The Best Chance Of Going Viral That You Should Do Too
  • How T0 Reach Well Over A Million People With A Single Event¬†Post On Facebook¬† (A Detailed Tutorial)
  • How To Reach Nearly A Million People With Your Mixtape Within 2 Hours Of Publishing It (Again A Detailed Tutorial & Case Study)
  • Who Nobody Sees Your Facebook Posts, And How To Fix That Quickly And Easily
  • How To Get Every Artist, DJ, Producer, Press, Agent Or WHOEVER Talking About Your Thing, Whatever Your Thing May Be
  • And Tonnes & Tonnes & Tonnes More… (If You’re Lucky)

So don’t be a silly cow, subscribe now!


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