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January 08, 2017

How To Reach Nearly A Million People With Your Mix Within 2 Hours Of Publishing

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Over at Wunderground, we’re quite a friendly with a DJ & Producer named Doorly. For those of you not familiar with him, check out his facebook page here, he is quite simply an amazing producer and an all round great guy.

Anyway, aside from being a great guy he tends to be a bit weird. I suppose ‘wonky’ is a good word to describe him, and so more and more of his output over the last while has had that wonky feel to it.

Last year, Doorly sent me this hilarious clip below and said that he loved it so much he was gonna make a mix themed around it. I’ll let you enjoy Barry and his madness before I proceed with my story…


I think it’s fair to say we all love Barry, and he can dip his biscuit into my tea any day of the week!

Anyway, Doorly got stuck into his weird Barry’s biscuits themed mix, and even put the feelers out to us looking for any weird YouTube videos or strange sound bytes we loved. Some of the craziness we picked out made it into the mix, but for the most part its all Doorly’s selections in the final mix.

A few weeks later around 1am at night a WeTransfer link popped into my Facebook messanger just as I was in bed going to sleep, and I made the stupid mistake of opening it, downloading it, and pressing play. The fucking thing pulled me straight in and I was stuck with it for 2 hours! Given its eclectic and constantly chopping / changing nature, its not one to be skipped though and so you just have to sit back and enjoy its metalness. Its fair to say I genuinely loved the mix to bits from the first play and must have listened to the 2 hours about thirty or forty times before we actually released it. Thats the kind of bullshit I have to say as I’m involved, but in this case it happens to be true.

And so the next conversation was how do we release it so that it hs maximum impact and gets maximum reach and listenership. Unlike a traditional DJ set, there was close to (40 hours) work gome into this mix so we needed to make sure it got the plays it deserved.


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